Standing Tall

Against COVID-19

With the impacts of COVID-19 settling in across the Pacific Islands, it's a tough time for startups, micro and small business owners. But we're in it together! Here you'll find an array of resources to help you stand tall during this challenge - now more than ever, it takes a tribe...

Resiliency Toolkits 

With COVID-19 giving small ventures a hard hit, our global team has developed a ygap Resiliency Series - you'll find toolkits across a range of pertinent topics, including tips and tactics, case studies and activities designed to help you and your business navigate the challenging time.

Curated Resources

As everyone pulls together, our regional and global collaborators are churning out an array of useful resources - from information and learning, to grants and financial assistance, here's our roundup of what's happening across the ecosystem. 

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